I’ve been interested in creating a value-added farm product for a long time. Gelato fit all my criteria!!
— Linda Rubin, Owner, Frisky Cow Gelato
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Why gelato? Back in 1983 I visited Florence, Italy and fell in love with gelato! The creamy texture and rich flavors totally won me over. . . 

Ten years later I moved to New Hampshire and started working at Stonewall Farm (SF), a non-profit education center and dairy farm in Keene, NH. I spent almost 9 years working at SF, educating people about where their food comes from and the importance of local agriculture. I dreamed about ways to make the dairy more profitable, which would go a long way to sustaining the center long term. After I moved to another job I spent several years on the board of directors at the farm. I attended events, purchased farm products, sent my children to camp, hiked, snowshoed and skiid on the trails, and made many, many memories. In September 2017, my son'd wedding was held at the Farm and again I started thinking about the dairy operation. What if I started a business making a value added product using milk from the farm, selling it throughout the CT River Valley, and donating a portion of the profits to the Farm? The answer was, YES! I love Stonewall Farm and I love gelato. Both have become more and more popular over the 23 years that I have lived in New Hampshire. Why not spend the next chapter of my life making a product I love to eat (and that is half the fat of ice cream), that nearly 95% of the population loves to eat, that supports the local economy, is good for people and the planet, AND helps to sustain one of my favorite places?! I remember making ice cream in a can in 80 degree weather when I was a camp counselor at SF back in 1994. It was smooth, creamy and yummy! I thought if I can make ice cream in a can, I can learn how to make great gelato.  So, off I went to Carpigiani’s Gelato University in the spring of 2018 and since then I’ve been having a blast making gelato and sorbet for my family, friends and neighbors and now for events, restaurants, grocery stores and retail shops! Life is full of joy!


Our Mission

Product mission: Provide children and adults of all ages with the best tasting, highest quality, locally and homemade gelato money can buy, using organic milk and the freshest flavorings and other ingredients sourced as locally as possible.

Economic Mission: Manage my company to produce growing profits that benefit local non-profits dedicated to building our local food system.

Social and Environmental mission: Use my company as a force for the good of our employees, local community and consumers, the local environment, and the planet.

Frisky Cow Gelato is incorporated as a NH Benefit Corporation.

Gelato brings smiles to peoples’ faces! I love that!
— Linda Rubin, President, Frisky Cow Gelato