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I’m always encouraged that spring is on its way when the sap starts flowing in NH and VT! It’s a sure sign that new life is stirring and the blanket of winter is being pulled away.

As I head into my second year of business ownership I am extremely grateful to the many individuals, NGO’s and businesses who have supported me along the way. Ben’s Sugar Shack in Temple, NH is one of those businesses.

Ben Fisk makes a variety of maple products for wholesale and retail markets. He has quite the operation and is a great role model for anyone looking to grow their business. Ben makes an amazing maple cream that is a more concentrated, whipped version of 100% maple syrup that I use in my Sweet Maple Cream gelato. I tried many ways to add that delicious maple flavor to my gelato, but the maple cream proved to work the best.

Ben and partner, Emily, and all the staff at Ben’s have been great to work with. Ben gave me a good wholesale price on the maple cream and he was willing to refill my clean mason jars with the cream so i could minimize the waste associated with purchasing the product in plastic containers. I drop of clean jars, he fills them and I pick them up! It’s a beautiful thing!

Last fall sometime, I finally remembered to drop off some samples of gelato with Ben and Emily as I had been promising. They LOVED the Sweet Maple Cream! In fact, they approached me to see if I was interested in private labelling my product. I wasn’t really sure what that meant being so new to the food world, but they explained it and we were able to work out a deal. Now you can purchase pints of Frisky Cow’s Sweet Maple Cream gelato under the Ben’s Sugar Shack brand at his farm store in Temple.

I love the kind of collaboration that my partnership with Ben’s Sugar Shack has become and I look forward to supporting one another in the future.

The sap is flowing; the syrup is boiling and relationships are budding between Frisky Cow Gelato and many local businesses! I’m grateful for where I live and the awesome people that are working to keep our community and economy vibrant! Happy Spring!